Iris Mittenaere is constantly in top kind on Instagram. Iris Mittenaere has been a huge success given that her election as Miss France in2016

Iris Mittenaere, actually natural?

The 27- year-old star has over 2.6 million Instagram fans and is more popular than ever.

Fans can also discover the starlet on TF1 in some programs like Ninja Warrior.

So what’s Iris Mittenaere’s secret to remaining so slim and gorgeous? Fans are still in wonder of his sensational body and some are questioning. Thus, she wanted to take stock of plastic surgery and wanted to clarify things with them on Instagram.


Iris Mittenaere has the gift to beauty her customers with her very lovely shapes on Instagram. Many blush when they discover her in a swimwear at the beach. Thus, some wonder if Diego’s sweetie ended up catching cosmetic surgery. It seems that whatever is natural in the young female.

This Tuesday, January 19, an Internet user asked Iris if she had had her breasts redone. This is a concern that appears to have actually interested the previous Miss and squandered no time in answering it. Undoubtedly, she wants to remain as transparent as possible with them and therefore addressed extremely regards.

” I have actually never ever had cosmetic surgery. Iris Mittenaere’s chest looks natural and so does her flat stomach and pretty legs.

Enough to soothe some Internet users who accuse him of having gone under the knife. Hence, the starlet only relies on her long sports sessions in order to keep fit and have a dream body. Finally, she said she loves to consume and never ever denies herself! This is his recipe for happiness.


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