Iraqi businesspeople want to amplify their funding in Turkey as they explore the country as a gain harbor, Foreign Financial Family Board (DEIK) Turkey-Iraq Commerce Council Chairperson Halit Acar mentioned.

Emphasizing the rising trade volume between Turkey and Iraq, Acar urged Anadolu Agency (AA) that Turkey made exports of $9.1 billion to Iraq in 2020 and $11.1 billion in 2021.

“The present trade volume between the two international locations stands at $19 billion. With any luck, these figures can be considerable greater in 2022. When we look on the January-March numbers, it’s a ways considered that there is an amplify in our trade,” he mentioned.

Acar valuable that Iraqi businesspeople are extraordinarily drawn to Turkey.

“We foresee that the trade volume will attain now not lower than $25 billion in 2022. Now we hold conferences in Iraq on this regard. Iraqi businesspeople want to put money into Turkey as they aim to preserve their investments in a gain harbor. And Turkey is one in every of these international locations. The connection between the two international locations, each culturally and economically, has been bettering. Iraqi businesspeople are drawn to vitality and manufacturing factories in Turkey,” he mentioned.

Acar added that Iraqi authorities want to plan more investments in agriculture, and are providing many incentives such as giving free land for agricultural actions.


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