Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Instagram: Users Will Be Required To Enter Birthday


Instagram will intensify requests for registered users to share their birthday. According to the platform, personal data is not publicly displayed: the information will only be used for the security reasons of young people who maintain a registered profile and it is necessary for “new tools” of protection that are being developed.

Those who have already added their date of birth to their registration need no longer worry. However, those who have not yet entered this detail will now receive more notices from the platform until they agree to share.

In addition to Instagram notifications, users who do not confirm the birthday will be prevented from seeing posts considered sensitive — after all, this way it is not possible to know the age of who wants to see the post. The screen that hides certain contents was already used before.

Those who did not indicate the correct date at the time of registration will soon be able to make the correction using a new system.

For now, Instagram uses Artificial Intelligence features to try to guess age based on content like happy birthday posts. The idea is that other age group confirmation features are also implemented.


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