The South Korean actor chooses to stay away from the web, however there are users posing as Hyun Bin.

Korean entertainment fans take pleasure in following the activities of their favorite artists on social networks, however not all accounts are what they seem, and Hyun Bin’s company discussed it.

VAST Home entertainment recently launched a statement to alert fans of its artists, specifically those who follow Hyun Bin’s career and do not hesitate to show their affection for the actor. After getting numerous reports, the company stated that there are users posing as numerous of its stars, so it specified which are the official channels and accounts, noting that they are the only ones used by the celebrities under its seal.

Nevertheless, this post likewise specified that Hyun Bin is not active on any social media, so the accounts declaring to be him are completely fake.

VAST Entertainment invited fans to be mindful and not be misled by this phishing attempt.


It has actually long been understood that various accounts without confirmation frequently impersonate South Korean idols and actors and are utilized to contact the followers of these stars, however in all cases they are scams disguised as contributions.

Users send out messages arguing that they are utilizing accounts that they keep hidden in order to make better usage of them and after thanking the support that fans are giving they are invited to join numerous causes, projects or merely make payments and purchases rather.

Keep in mind to follow your preferred idols and actors just on verified or officially announced accounts and not succumb to these kinds of traps.


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