Late last summer season, we reported that 90 Day Fiance bad guy Big Ed Brown was dating once again … and shooting it.

Now we understand why he was filming his dates, and it wasn’t simply his desperate thirst for the limelight.

He is among the stars of90 Day The Single Life, a new Discovery+ spinoff of the hit franchise.

In a brand-new interview, he shares what it was like to date after becoming well-known, alleging that he was “catfished” 15 times.

Big Ed Brown Speaks at the Tell All

Huge Ed Brown increased from privacy to popularity in early 2020 as he appeared on 90 Day Future Husband: Prior To The 90 Days while dating Rosemarie Vega.

Rosemarie was a really, really young single mom in the Philippines living in squashing poverty.

Ed is 55 years of ages was presumably prepared to share his life with Rose and her kid, Prince.

Ed Brown for 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life

Ed’s time on the program made him at least as much infamy as it did fame, mainly for his treatment of Rose.

Prior to even fulfilling her, he lied to her– about his height and, more significantly, about his intention to get a vasectomy when he knew that she desired more kids.

After he satisfied her, he shamed her for her sexual history, her body hair, and even her breath, stringing her along for weeks before confessing his lies.

Ed Brown Works Out

Now, it sounds like Ed is getting a small taste of his own medicine.

” I was on six various dating websites,” he explains in an interview with Us Weekly “I was catfished over 15 times.”

Enjoying what he planted, Ed states “I had awful, awful luck.”

Big Ed Brown Drinks in His Robe

These days, Ed remains in a relationship … however he claims to be unsure of the future.

” We’ll see what occurs. It’s still early,” he reports.

Ed adds: “It’s sort of another roller coaster of a journey, somewhat like the Philippines.”

Big Ed Brown Photo

In a few weeks, Ed will appear on the spinoff, 90 Day The Single Life

” The show really sort of just follows me through my journey of what it’s like getting back into the dating life,” he discusses.

” I employed a dating coach, which I got a lot of insight in who I am because something I exposed to her was who I wanted in a partner,” Ed shared.

Big Ed Brown at the Tell All

Ed detailed: “You understand, I desired this, I wanted this and they don’t need to enjoy me.”

He explains: “And she’s like, ‘Well, wait a minute. Why not? Like, why don’t you think you be worthy of love?'”

” So, for me, it was therapeutic,” Ed states.

Big Ed Brown Cannot Listen to Any More Criticism

Clearly, he is hoping for a redemption arc, for his credibility to rise to the height of his status as a meme.

As you can see in Ed’s interview, nevertheless, it does not appear that Ed has changed, as he openly ridicules the ladies whom he has actually dated for having the audacity to age … as if he didn’t lie to Rose before fulfilling her.

He likewise says that he has actually dated females 35-55 with a tone that suggests that he desires a pat on the back for no longer dating women more than 20 ladies his junior.