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How to put a wallpaper with several pictures on your mobile


Among the personalized parts of your mobile phone is the wallpaper. The one that originates from the factory is fine, but putting an image that you like or with which you determine is much better. Some members of your household, your company logo design, your favorite idol or your soccer group are some concepts, but there is something you should understand and that is that you can utilize numerous pictures on the screen of your mobile. You will make this possible if you use Google Photos and our pointers, so read on.

How to utilize a wallpaper image in Google Photos

If you lack space you have 15 GB free in Google Drive to use. It even has one that enables you to edit pictures from your own smart device.

But among all of them there is one that permits you to conserve your images and share them with other users, such as Google Photos. Today we are going to tell you a trick that you most likely did not understand about it and that is that it lets you put a wallpaper with a number of pictures on your smartphone.

In version 5.22 of the application you will have the opportunity to access all the Memories through the mobile fund selector. This is where expert system will enter play, which will supervise of selecting the images conserved in the supervisor and matching them with the one you have in the background. You just have to integrate it with the wallpaper function of your mobile and see how the images that Google images have picked for you pass.

Several pictures on your computer system screen? It likewise can

Now that you know this trick of Google Photos to put numerous pictures on your mobile we inform you another similar trick. In case you didn’t know, you can use several photos on your Windows 10 computer thanks to a software function. Thanks to the customization capability of the system, you will be able to publish numerous images to your account on your computer system. Then you just need to select the presentation section so that the pictures pass after a brief amount of time. You will not have to do anything, just await them to take place.


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