Ombre Nails has been trending for years, but what about ombre nails? Much like the hair coloring technique, ombre nails create a gradient in that a light shade at the base of the nail fades to a darker shade at the tips.

It’s a winner for gorgeous nails, but the technique can be a bit tricky. Here is our guide on how to do ombre nails.

Before Starting

Choose your perfect color combination for ombre nails

Complementary color choices are key to creating a striking ombre look. Choose colors that blend well, like nudes and grays, pink and orange, or even French ombre nails where the white tips blend into a nude or pink base. Once you become more confident, try brighter colors like red and black.
Consider the shape of your nails

When it comes to ombre nails, certain colors work better on shorter nails, while certain shades work better on longer nails. In general, lighter shades are great for long nails and darker shades are great for shorter nails.
Our two must-have methods for creating ombre nails
The sponge method

What you will need:

A wedge-shaped makeup sponge
Two nail polishes
A base layer
A shiny top coat

How to create ombre nails with a sponge

Apply your base coat and wait for it to dry. Then apply a thin coat of lighter nail polish.

Paint horizontal stripes of your two nail polish colors onto the makeup sponge.

Pat your nail with the sponge. Move it up and down the nail to blur the connection between the two colors. There should be no distinct lines – ombre nails need an even blend.

After doing some nails, you need to apply more nail polish to the sponge.

Use a cotton swab and nail polish remover to polish your ombre look and remove any polish on your skin.

Finish your ombre nails with a top coat for a bit more beauty.
The brushed blend method (with gel polish)

What you will need:

Two colors of gel polish
A nail towel (lint free)
A base layer
A topcoat
A cotton swab

How to create ombre nails with gel polish

Apply your base coat and cure in your LED/UV lamp.

Take one of your gel colors and paint the left side of your nail overlapping the middle.

Apply your other gel polish to the right side of the nail, then use the polish brush to blend the colors. To do this, move the brush downwards until the colors begin to blend.

Wipe the brush on your nail towel before putting it back in the bottle. You don’t want blue nail polish mixing with your favorite shade of pink!

Use nail polish remover and a cotton swab to remove any gel polish that got on your skin. Catalyze like you did with the base coat.

Apply a second coat of both polishes and repeat the brush blending technique.

Finish with your top coat and apply a few drops of cuticle oil to your nails and cuticles for nourishing care.

Green is considered the color of nature and life, while emerald stone is known as a symbol of hope and the future. This jewel tone also connotes refreshment and prosperity and can add an elegant touch to anything. It can look great in combination with gold, navy blue, white, black, silver, beige, purple, etc. and that’s why there are so many nail designs to choose from. Check the ones we have selected for you today and choose the ones you want to copy. Enjoy! Emerald green nails

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