Grey’s Anatomy returned to ABC with its 17 th season, packed with drama, reflections on the pandemic, and surprises. And without a doubt the highlight of the series did not arrive till completion of the second episode of Grey’s Anatomy, when in a dream of Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo), Dr. Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), her late husband, appeared.

It seems that bringing these two characters together even if only briefly had its difficulties. According to Grey’s Anatomy showrunner Krista Vernoff, it was genuinely difficult to keep Patrick Dempsey’s return a secret.

She described Vernoff that in the script that the service technicians and the production group had, Meredith’s mom, Ellis Gray (played by Kate Burton), was discussed as the apparition that would fulfill the physician on the beach.

” I did not send out cuts to the studio or the network that consisted of that last scene.

” I put the name ‘Ellis Gray in the script we checked out at the table, and I asked Meredith to state’ Mommy ‘at the table, so we came to the beach to tape-record that day and no one had told them what was going on”.

The Grey’s Anatomy showrunner remembered that she seemed like insane keeping the secret. She assured that she and Ellen Pompeo were texting each other at all hours exchanging opinions about who could have discovered which star was the one who had really been mentioned for the recording of that episode.

For Vernoff, having to portray in Grey’s Anatomy the severe truth that is presently being experienced worldwide was challenging. She chose to bring some happiness to the fans.

” From an author’s viewpoint, it occurred due to the fact that it was my task to find a way to bring delight, escape, candy to the fans and all the important things that we on Grey’s Anatomy offer people.”

” We provide love, we provide humor and we give them delight, and much of that is lacking in the medical neighborhood in this pandemic.”

Krista Vernoff kept in mind that the suggestion to bring Derek Shepherd back was from Ellen Pompeo, an idea the showrunner admitted that she had not even thought about.


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