WhatsApp is trying to find its users to be safe, which is why it will now apply facial unlocking, better referred to as Face ID and Touch ID in WhatsApp Web.

As pointed out in Somagnews, the messaging app, Facebook’s sis, will quickly ask all WhatsApp users to confirm through Face ID or Touch ID in the menu that allows us to add brand-new WhatsApp Web sessions.

This is an additional protection measure that will guarantee that no one besides you can access your WhatsApp account through a WhatsApp Web session behind your back, that is why we offer you more information about it and how it will work.

As you know, there are numerous techniques to know with whom one communicates, a scenario that leaves us vulnerable to complete strangers and above all violates our personal privacy, which is why WhatsApp Web would now include this new method of opening that would consist of the face.

Additional security on WhatsApp Web

Until now the process to begin a brand-new session on WhatsApp Web was as basic as opening the WhatsApp application options, touching the matching area, touching Include device and scanning the QR code and instantly being in session.

But with the change that Facebook is planning for its instant messaging app, after we touch the button to include a new session we will have to verify through Face ID or Touch ID on our iPhone to continue.

What yes, is that it is clear that little by little WhatsApp is devoting resources to polish the experience of using the app. It is something that shows in the small details such as this security additional that will soon be available.

For now, however, if we have an iPhone without Touch ID or Face ID, it is not possible to use a code instead, for example, so we will not see any modifications in the app.

While Facebook polishes its star messaging app, Telegram does the exact same with its, in truth in Somagnews we have actually identified that how all WhatsApp talks can be exported to Telegram to continue having the ability to have them when we move platforms.


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