Bachelor Nation lost a member of its own in January.

As previously and sadly reported at the time, Clint Arlis was found dead two months ago at the age of 34.

He had been a contestant on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of The Bachelorette.

“It is with great sadness to tell you that my family has lost my best friend and older brother Clint on the morning of January 11th,” the former contestant’s sister said at the time.”

Clint Arlis on TV

Now, according to the coroner’s office, via an official report obtained by Page Six, we can confirm that Arlis took his own life.

He killed himself via hanging.

The aforementioned report states that Arlis had been struggling with paranoia and thought people were watching him.

It also says he was having issues with his girlfriend of four years, yet his parents thought “things were getting better” once he moved in with them.

Clint Arlis on Bachelorette

Moreover, the documents state that Arlis had planned to go to the local high school for a workout the morning he committed suicide.

Arlis also left a note on the dressed prior to his passing.

“After evidence collection was finished, Mr. Arlis was released to the funeral home chosen by the next of kin,” reads a press release that came out on Friday.

“The investigation continued for several weeks after the date of death, including correspondence with the Batavia Police, family members, Mr. Arlis’ physicians, and toxicological results.”

Clint Arlis

Concludes this release:

“Coroner Russell’s final cause of death was determined to be Asphyxiation by Hanging and the Manner was determined to be Suicide.

Coroner Russell would like to remind the public to please be aware of the signs and symptoms of suicide and self-harm to those around us.

“Please refer those suffering with suicidal thoughts to Survival of Suicide in Batavia Illinois at or call (630) 482-9696.

“Nationally, there is also the Suicide Hotline at 800-273-8255. In the event of immediate threats of suicide, call 911.”

Clint Arlis Picture

The Illinois native competed on Bristowe’s season of the ABC competition in 2015.

Shortly after she learned of his death, Kaitlyn reacted via an emotional video on her Instagram Stories.

“I’m not sure what happened [or] how it happened,” she said back then.

“But all I want to say is knowing him from the show, even though things didn’t end on the best terms for us, from his time on the show until today, I have heard nothing but incredible things about that person from his peers, his students, his coaches, his teachers, his friends, his family.”

Clint Arlis on The Bachelorette

Added Bristowe in this footage:

“Clint was very well-respected in his world…

“It’s such a huge loss and I am honestly just beside myself at this news.”

Arlis, who was a successful wrestler and came from a family of wrestlers and coaches, also received a heartbreaking tribute from his high school coach, Scott Bayer.

Clint Arlis tribute

“It is with a heavy heart and a sense of profound loss that we announce the death of one of the Batavia Wrestling Program’s All-Time greats,” Bayer tweeted on January 13.

“He was [a] talented artist with a sharp wit, a sardonic sense of humor and palpable authenticity.

“The heartfelt speech he dedicated to his dad at his retirement celebration made me proud to know both of them.”

Ben Higgins, who also competed for Bristowe’s heart her season of The Bachellorettte, told Us Weekly that “Clint was an incredibly talented human,” adding:

“He was an artist, a creator, a friend, and incredibly intelligent.

“His hard work and his commitment to exploring life was obvious to anyone who was ever around him. The world lost someone way too early.”

May Clint Arlis rest in peace.


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