The Umbrella Academy season 2 finale ended on a cliffhanger, with the group able to return to today, however having dramatically modified the timeline when they returned in 2019.

The Umbrella Academy developer Steve Backman has provided audiences an idea of what to expect when season 3 premieres. On social networks he shared the title of season 3 episode 1: Fulfill the Household.

While it’s tough to get excessive detail from The Umbrella Academy episode title story, it does mean what’s to come. The title suggests a meeting between the Hargreeves and the Sparrow Academy.

It was to be anticipated, however it’s still interesting to imagine what the minute will be like at The Umbrella Academy. This is especially true when you consider that the original team will likely want to revert to setting the timeline back to its original state.

It appears most likely that the interactions in between the two academies are questionable, at least. Altogether, the episode title need to make viewers even more eager to see season 3.

It could be late 2021 before fans of The Umbrella Academy see the Hargreeves once again. Evaluating by the new information on the season 3 best title, his return will be worth the wait.


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