A leading sleep professional states caffeine in fact assists high-performing individuals feel more rested, as long as they do not snooze too long.

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Caffeine is known to fend off sleep, but some professionals say consuming a cup of Joe right before taking a 25- minute nap will make you feel more rested.

” I call it a Nap A Latte,” states Michael Breus, Ph.D. (aka The Sleep Doctor), a scientific psychologist and fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medication. “Get a cup of black drip coffee, toss three cubes in it simply to cool it down, slug it as quickly as you can, and sleep instantly.”

Scientific premises

Appearing on the Write About Now podcast to talk about his book The Power of When, Dr. Breus states the Nap A Latte may appear counterintuitive, but is in fact rooted in science. “When a cell eats a piece of glucose, something comes out the back end. Among those things is adenosine,” he explains. “As the chemical collects in your brain, you get sleepier and sleepier.”

As you sleep, you’re burning through the adenosine, but as soon as you get up, he states, “the caffeine kicks into equipment, and you benefit 4 hours ensured.”

While Dr. Breus does not suggest consuming a Nap A Latte every day, he suggests taking a snooze daily between 1-3 p.m. “We see a small core body temperature increase and after that drop somewhere in that time,” he states, “which can make you feel sleepy.”

He likewise advises that your naps shouldn’t go beyond 25 minutes. After that, your body goes into a deep sleep, and getting up is more challenging. “Have you ever got up from a nap and felt even worse, not better?” Dr. Breus asks. “That’s when you sleep too long.”

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