The image of Maxime’s ideal son-in-law in Here everything begins does not really please Clément Remiens. The actor then asked the screenwriters to soil his character in the continuation of the TF1 series. A wish granted since they found him the perfect plot for that: to make him unfaithful. Maxime will therefore deceive Salomé and find himself in the heart of a love triangle. The revelations of the ex-star of Tomorrow are ours.

Maxime is going to cheat Salomé with … Amber!

While the return of Tomorrow belongs to us promises to be busy, between the arrival of new actors and departures (not definitive for all), that of Here Everything Begins promises a plot that may not please viewers at all. Why ? Because the writers will dare to touch the perfect couple of Salomé (Aurélie Pons, who will participate in Dance with the stars 11) and Maxime. “A kind of love triangle will be born with Ambre. And Maxime will deceive Salomé”, reveals Clément Remiens to Allociné. The fact of highlighting Amber’s attraction to Maxime was therefore no accident.

After – Chapter 2: Tessa’s 2 love triangles with Trevor and Zed kidnapped?

“We’re going to see a slightly more temperamental Maxime for a while. And then we’ll have to hold on to him, that’s what I’m working on, because all this has already been shot. We will have to fight to make it more intense. and more physical over time “, then confides the actor. And also to make viewers love this new version of Maxime Delcourt.

“It is a request on my part to soil the character of Maxime”

This change is actually a choice of Clément Remiens, the scriptwriters of Here it all begins have nothing to do with it: “It is a request on my part to dirty Maxime’s character. But even much more than to dirty him. I want him to take relief. That he be more intense, more physical. For the moment, Maxime has taken care of everyone quite a bit, that’s the basis of the character, we’re not going to take that away from him, he’s a really nice guy. An ideal kind, indeed (laughs). ”

The ex-star of Tomorrow belongs to us adds: “When I pass among the film crews, I often hear of Maxime being the” great sage of the mountain “, Caliméro, or the ideal son-in-law. It makes me smile. , but we have to step up that. It’s been almost a year on Here Everything Begins, so the time has come to develop Maxime.


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