The first research studies for the series of the well-known book and movie series Harry Potter started. HBO Max and Warner Bros. took joint action for the Harry Potter series, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Even if you are not somebody who has seen, check out or liked the Harry Potter series, you may have become aware of this famous series. The seven-book series written by British author J. K. Rowling likewise has motion pictures shot and published by Warner Bros. Whether to make a series that will happen in the universe of this series, which has numerous enthusiasts, was a concern that was highly wondered by the enthusiasts of the series. This news can make them extremely happy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter’s report, work has actually started for the Harry Potter series. HBO Max, affiliated with WarnerMedia, started working on the Harry Potter series and is currently satisfying with film writers.

There is very little info about the series that is in its extremely early stages:

Although it is reported that HBO Max and Warner Bros’ Harry Potter series have started, no actor, screenwriter or director is discussed in the report. The factor for this is that the studies are at a very early stage, as we have just discussed. In addition, it is said that there is no deal with this series in the declarations made by HBO Max and Warner Bros.

HBO Max and Warner Bros, gotten in touch with by The Hollywood Press reporter, said, “There is no Harry Potter series presently in development at the studio or on the broadcast platform.” There might be two reasons for this: First, WarnerMedia might not wish to know that work for the series has actually begun. Second, and sadly, it implies that WarnerMedia actually did not do such work.

Here, too, a contradiction enters into play: Some sources specify that HBO Max’s magnates have interviewed talented writers to bring the blockbuster series to television. This may suggest that the reason for the announcement made by HBO Max and Warner Bros is the first factor. However, let us state that there is no exact information about the series.


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