Half of U.S. states do not have fundamental defenses for LGBTQ people, according to a report released Wednesday by the Human Being Rights Project, the country’s largest LGBTQ advocacy group,

The campaign’s State Equality Index, an annual ranking of laws and policies, discovered that 25 states lack inclusive anti-discrimination statutes and are thought about at a “high priority to attain fundamental equality,” the least expensive of the report’s 4 categories.

Needs to Congress pass the Equality Act– federal legislation that would include LGBTQ protections to existing civil rights laws– it will provide “vital baseline defenses,” according to HRC legal director Sarah Warbelow, but state laws will still be crucial.

” State laws are frequently more robust than federal laws– a federal law might only cover business with 15 or more employees, for example, while a state law can apply to every company,” Warbelow told NBC News, including that accessing state courts is typically easier and more affordable.


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