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Grey’s Anatomy: Still mad at Izzie’s departure!


His departure hurt the fans a lot: Izzie Stevens scored Grey’s Anatomy! Some have actually still declined … So fans will always remember him! When she was part of the first class of Grey’s Anatomy, Izzie Stevens left her associates in season 10 … an extremely tough start to digest.

Since no one anticipated it. Katherin Heigl, the starlet, was starting to have functions all over the place. And especially in the movie theater. We had the ability to see her analyze the primary character of 27 gowns …

A progressively crucial starlet, with a growing number of projects: Katherin Heigl therefore had less time to dedicate to Grey’s Anatomy. So we had to part with Izzie Stevens, the lovely blonde too great …

She hence leaves Alex Karev irritated behind her. Also a dispensary in the name of his terrific love, Denny Ducquette … Izzie Stevens will therefore have actually really marked the series.

It should likewise be said that Izzie is one of the only characters who never got a homage from Grey’s Anatomy after his departure. Showrunner Krista Vernof provides Screenrant a different side of the story.


She undoubtedly used to bid farewell to the Karev-Stevens couple. “I composed this episode which was lovely,” she states. The day prior to I was expected to begin the settings “… However Katherin Heigl gives up.

” We got a call from Katie. She simply informed us she wasn’t coming any longer. “So the episode of Grey’s Anatomy is gone. “My task then was to remain awake all night to picture another circumstance. “

A real heartbreak for the film writer, so … Particularly since “for several years and years the fans blamed us, ‘How could you?’ Well, that’s the story behind the scenes. “

” I do not know what prompted her to make this decision,” the showrunner relaxes … But there is still a particular taste of the incomplete in Grey’s Anatomy. Not Izzie’s fault, however Katherin’s!


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