As part 2 of season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy will soon see the light of day, fans are wondering if Jackson and Jo will wind up as a couple!

Because their debut in Grey’s Anatomy, Jo and Jackson Avery haven’t had much luck in their romantic relationship. Avery lived several experiences with April.

While fans believed Jackson and April were going to cohabit forever, Grey’s Anatomy chose otherwise. The lovely redhead was kindly pushed towards the door which marked the end of her character.

So Avery (Grey’s Anatomy) had a break up with his child’s mom.

For her part, Jo believed she had actually discovered true love with Alex Karev. The two lovebirds had actually even chosen to get married and were planning to have a child. Regrettably for her, the handsome brunette joined Izzie and their twins.

Jo and Jackson then started dating as “sex pals”. At first, the surgeon concurred, but the beautiful brunette understood that she was not all set. At the minute, they are friends.

Throughout one episode Jo (Grey’s Anatomy) told her Jackson, “What I require is friendship and sex. I’m not, really, searching for a relationship, especially with somebody like you. “


In an interview with Access a couple of days back, Jesse Williams opened up about the relationship in between his character and Jo (Grey’s Anatomy). He opened up about the rapprochement between the 2.

The Grey’s Anatomy star exposed, “There’s a bit of that cool, fully grown method to appeasing.

” This is clearly where typically the lines blur and people get sensations. There are great deals of methods it can get made complex, “stated Jesse Williams.

The child also discussed, “I’m really interested to see if they can cross that line. This is one of the numerous lessons. Sometimes you simply require to be alone “.

The Grey’s Anatomy star continued, “Sometimes you do not have to take your mess to other individuals’s houses.

Jesse Williams likewise confessed, “I believe it’s tricky and it makes the game fun. They are both a little a mess. They both had a failure in their love life. And rejection. Insecurity comes with that, and it is genuine. “

The one who plays Avery in Grey’s Anatomy likewise included, “One or both might be heartbroken.” Case to follow!


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