To get to a place where “life can start to look closer to normal,” President Joe Biden set two vaccination goals and gave the country two months to hit them.

These are the latest in his string of vaccination goals: First, to get 160 million adults fully vaccinated and second, to get at least one shot in 70 percent of adults.

NBC News is tracking the progress toward these goals and whether the current vaccination rates are on target. This article will be updated weekdays before noon ET.

For context, on the day Biden announced this new round of goals, 105 million adults had been fully vaccinated and 56 percent of adults had at least one shot.

This follows earlier goals. In December, President-elect Biden announced the goal of 100 million shots in his first 100 days in office, which was later upped to 150 million and then 200 million. The country reached the 200 million goal.

The administration introduced new tactics in May to encourage vaccinations, from walk-in appointments at pharmacies to shifting vaccine allocations. Ride-share companies offering free rides to vaccination sites and new dating app features encouraging vaccinations were among other approaches promoted by the administration.

Joe Murphy is a data editor at NBC News Digital.

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