GOT7’s Mark returned to his home country after GOT7 and JYP split, the idol shown Ahgase what his next strategies will be in 2021 as a YouTuber.

The K-pop group assured to stay together and promote together, but for the minute they took a break so that each one decides the very best for their creative future, some of them have actually currently signed with other firms, Mark decided to travel to the United States and cope with his family after investing many years in South Korea.

Through his individual Instagram account, Mark made a live broadcast to meet up with Ahgase, after GOT7’s emotional goodbye with his partner, the idol arrived safely at his home where he has actually been rested and enjoying the holidays.

In spite of the range and the break from the K-pop group, Mark revealed his assistance for Jackson, who launched his new tune “Alone”, also thanked for his 2 million fans on his YouTube profile, something that will assist him with his tasks, since that method you can monetize your content, be it entertainment or music.


During their live, Mark attempted to get in touch with Jaebeom and Youngjae to do a simulcast, however the connection might never ever be developed, although that proves that they are still buddies in spite of being apart.

Regarding his prepare for the future, Mark will try to remain in contact with Ahgase through Instagram and about the administration of his YouTube channel, he explained that he will try to make a video per week, it will be a vlog that will be released every Friday. Regarding sponsorships or a new agreement, he confessed that he has offers on the door, however for the moment he wants to manage his profession and his time himself.

He will also promote his tune “One in a Million”, which will be launched on February 12, two days before Valentine’s Day, Mark assured that he will do a live to celebrate its release. During his broadcast, he connected in the remarks with Jaebeom and evaluated Instagram filters.


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