Google appears to be finally bringing the ability to delete the last 15 minutes of your search history to its Android app. Former XDA Developers editor-in-chief Mishaal Rahman said he was tipped about the feature seemingly rolling out, and a Verge editor has spotted the feature on their phone. We’ve asked Google if it can share any details about the rollout, but to check and see if you have it, open Google’s Android app, tap your profile picture, and look for the “Delete last 15 min” option.

This feature has taken some time to make its way to the Android app. Google first announced the feature at Google I/O in May, and it came to Google’s iOS app in July. At that time, Google said it would arrive on the Android version of the app later in 2021, but for some reason, the company seemingly missed that deadline. It’s unclear if Google plans to bring the feature to desktop — in its May announcement post, the company didn’t specify which platforms it would be available on, and in July, Google only said that the feature was coming to the iOS and Android apps. Google didn’t immediately reply to a request for comment.

Google also offers a tool to automatically delete things in your search history that are three, 18, or 36 months old.


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