Sunday, September 4, 2022
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Google Drive Lets You Block Unwanted Users and Spam


Google announced this Thursday (22) a new feature for Google Drive, the company’s online platform for file sharing, document storage and content editors. From now on, you’ll be able to block unwanted users and prevent them from interacting with your account through the tool.

This way, it is possible to prevent people from collaborating on your documents or sharing files with your user, for example. Even previous interactions between the two people are blocked.

Blocking can be performed from an option in each document’s settings menu, by right-clicking on a file.

The measure aims to reduce the number of “intrusions” in documents with released edition and also the sending of spam or even virtual scams in the form of documents shared en masse with multiple accounts.

The new feature is available to all Google account users, from those with just a personal email address to G Suite/Workspace plan subscribers. The implementation has officially started, but the option can take up to two weeks to appear to the entire community, depending on your region.


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