Monday, September 27, 2021
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Globoplay’s WhatsApp Will Have Accessible Information About The Paralympics


Globoplay announced, this Friday (20), that the streaming WhatsApp will have daily news about the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. The messages, sent by a bot, will have accessibility features for people with disabilities (PCD).

According to the platform, subscribers to the channel will receive details such as the daily schedule and medal table updates. The Tokyo 2020 Paralympics start next Tuesday (24).

To include PCDs, the information will have voice message recognition for people with visual impairments (voice bot), text simplification for better recognition of reading apps, and full adaptation of the bot for better performance of assistive technologies.

“Like what happened at the Olympics, Globoplay’s WhatsApp comes to expand the experience of all our users in the Paralympic Games. With this bot, the public receives, in a practical way, in one place, the highlights and times of the event’s main competitions . The most important thing is that we were able to evolve in delivering a more inclusive and accessible experience, so that everyone can enjoy this service,” said Pedro Calmon, Engagement Manager for the platform.

Globoplay’s WhatsApp can be accessed through this link and will remain available after the competition ends, bringing information and news about the streaming portfolio.


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