Amidst Teresa and Jackie’s bitter feud on The Real Housewives of New Jersey this season, Gia Giudice received well-deserved praise for her maturity.

But handling a situation with maturity does not mean that it did not impact her life – or that there were no consequences of Jackie’s actions.

If you missed it, Jackie’s irresponsible “analogy” name-dropped Gia in front of an audience of millions.

Gia Giudice and Andy Cohen on WWHL (preview)

It set Teresa off, for sure, but that much was entirely predictable. What you might not know was that it made Gia’s life harder in real ways.

And yeah, she was mad about it.

Gia Giudice spoke to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live about the now-infamous incident.

Gia Giudice on WWHL (preview)

Bravo aired a teaser for the “The Real Housekids of Bravo” special, which will air on May 9.

Fortunately, we do not have to wait those nearly two weeks to see Gia speak her mind.

“I was, like, completely disgusted by it,” Gia confessed in the clip that we have included.

Andy Cohen and Gia Giudice on WWHL (preview)

She was referring of course to Jackie Goldschneider’s massive retaliation for Teresa’s repeating of a rumor about Jackie’s husband.

At the time, Jackie voiced an analogy involving an untrue claim of Gia doing cocaine in bathrooms at college parties.

Gia admitted: “I never thought my name would ever be brought up.”

Gia Giudice Online

“And especially just like being on the show for so long,” she remarked about her lengthy reality career.

Gia pointed out that “no Housewife has ever disrespected me.”

“For one person to ever use my name in a poor manner,” Gia responded grimly.

She expressed: “I was like, in shock.”

Jackie Goldschneider is Not Having a Great Time

Jackie did apologize … but Gia revealed that she reached out to Jackie, not the other way around.

“I, honestly, reached out to her,” Gia shared.

She explained that she reached out “because I had complaints from my sorority.”

Gia Giudice Bikini Pic

Gia shared: “I was almost put in a meeting because they wanted to make sure I was okay.”

If you’re not familiar with how so many aspects of college life go, that is very believable.

The context of the claim doesn’t matter.

Jackie Goldschneider After Delivering Clapback

Gia’s name was brought up in a negative way on national television, for pretty much no reason.

Many universities err on the side of caution when it comes to what they hear about students.

This means that someone speaking irresponsibly of a student can have real ramifications to their lives.

Gia Giudice Instagram

So yes, Jackie made Gia’s real life uncomfortable just to “make a point” to Teresa.

“I dealt with a lot of things because of this analogy,” Gia acknowledged.

“And,” she added, “I made her very aware of that.”

Jackie Goldschneider Receives an Apology

“And then, following that, she did apologize,” Gia stated.

“And then,” Gia recalled, “she did her Twitter apology.”

She continued: “which I did…I, like, I thought it was alright.”

Gia then added: “But it wasn’t anything too crazy.”

Gia Giudice Beside Joe Giudice in the Bahamas

Let’s be honest here: The public tweet to which Gia referred was a less than complete apology.

“My analogy about Gia was simply an analogy – there was no truth to it of course,” Jackie wrote.

“The rest of the cast understood this,” she added, “which you’ll see in the coming weeks.”

Jackie Goldschneider Wants True Closure

“The behavior at my husband’s birthday party is truly unfortunate,” Jackie went on to insist.

She concluded her tweet by writing “destroying a marriage and family is not entertainment.”

In general, apology tweets should include the apology, not doubling down on your outrage.

Giudice, Gia

At the time, Gia tweeted publicly: “Saying it was an analogy is making it excusable, it’s not.”

She lamented that as a result of Jackie’s antics, “My character is now being questioned.”

“My name was used to make a point,” Gia noted.

Jackie Goldschneider Cries While Getting Yelled At

“No one should be used in that way,” Gia’s tweet continued at the time, criticizing the behavior.

“I am suffering the consequences for such an outlandish and untrue statement,” she explained.

Gia concluded: “While her marriage is happy & intact.”

Gia Giudice, Armpits

Bottom line:

Don’t allege someone’s college-aged kid does coke in the bathroom, even if you’re being facetious.