Nvidia’s GeForce Now game streaming service has introduced for the Chrome web browser and M1 Macs in beta (through XDA-Developers), bringing resource extensive video games to laptops and other gadgets that may not have actually been effective to run them on their own. We just tested out the Chrome browser variation on a Mac and a Windows 10 PC, and it seems to be running smoothly.

GeForce Now already had applications for Windows 10 and Android gadgets, but broadened to an even larger audience with a beta launch for Chromebooks in August of 2020, and followed it up by beating Stadia to iOS devices with a web app workaround that lets you stream video games through the Safari web browser there.

GeForce Now running in Chrome on MacOS.

Now, in theory anyone with a Chrome browser can begin streaming by heading GeForce Now’s site and producing an account, even on a weak laptop. Or, if you’re on a new M1 Mac, according to launch notes for this brand-new variation of GeForce Now, through a new dedicated application.

Like Google Stadia and Amazon Luna, GeForce Now is essentially a PC in the cloud that you “rent” to stream your games. Of course, you’ll need to be in an area where GeForce Now is available.

What you’ll see if you try to release in Microsoft Edge.

GeForce Now’s growth hasn’t been all sunlight and roses. Many of them weren’t too delighted with Nvidia due to the fact that GeForce Now let players stream their games without permission (and let Nvidia profit off a monthly membership).

The full list of devices GeForce Now supports is offered here. GeForce Now will also come concerned LG Televisions in 2021.

Regardless Of Chrome, Nvidia is still suggesting the native app “for the best experience”


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