Amber Portwood has really screwed up this time.

And sure, she’s screwed up a lot over the years — it’s sort of her whole thing.

Amber Portwood's Latest Selfie

But this time it’s a little different.

That’s because this time, she may have lost the support of Gary Shirley.

For a long time now, Gary has stood by Amber’s side, even after all the things she’s done.

If you watched early seasons of Teen Mom OG, you know that they were both awful to each other, but that Amber physically abused him multiple times — she was eventually charged with three counts of domestic violence and the abuse is a big part of why she ended up going to prison.

Amber Portwood Up in Arms

When she was released from prison, it didn’t take her too long to jump into a relationship with Matt Baier, a creep who hit on Teen Mom stars until one of them responded and who lied about how many children he had.

Gary was concerned about all of this, but still, he supported Amber through it.

Even when she broke up with Matt, started dating Andrew Glennon, immediately got pregnant, then got arrested for assaulting him while he was holding their baby, he was still on her team.

Gary has done so much for Amber over the past few years, to the point where in a trailer for the current season of the show he offers to let her move onto a trailer on his property.

Gary Shirley in a Cap

And how does she repay him?

By hopping on Instagram and going on a rant when he and his wife, Kristina, discuss her on the show — you know, something she knows good and well they’re paid to do.

The whole thing started because in the season premiere, Gary and Kristina were shown having a conversation about how much they help Amber, and Kristina remarked that Amber was like their “teenage daughter.”

Which is true — and honestly no one would blame Kristina for being harsher.

Gary Shirley, Kristina Anderson Photo

In her Instagram rant about that scene, Amber said “You guys are two-faced and you’re liars.”

“There’s not gonna be any more lies said about me anymore,” she insisted.

“This immaturity is ignorance, so I’m not gonna keep my mouth shut anymore. It’s not happening.”

She also claimed to have given them $7,500, a payment she said wasn’t for child support, and she said she kindly paid Kristina $500 to clean her house.

Amber Portwood in Red

She failed to mention that the her house is actually owned by Gary and Kristina and she lives there rent-free, which seems like something a rational person would consider here, but we all know being rational was never in Amber’s skill set.

A Teen Mom gossip page on Instagram recorded Amber’s rant and posted a snippet of it on their page, and that’s apparently where Gary saw it.

Because that’s where he responded.

In the comments on the post, Gary wrote “My wife is amazing. I love her deeply.”

Gary Shirley With Kristina Anderson

He tagged Kristina and said “I’m very glad you’re in me and our kids’ life and know we together would put up with an infinite amount of Amber’s for the sake of Leah.”

(It’s unclear if accidentally added an apostrophe and actually meant that they would put up with many Ambers so that they could have Leah or if he forgot a word like “nonsense” or “terrible personality traits,” but you get the gist.)

He continued his comment with “I also want to apologize to @kristina_shirley3 for having to deal with all of this. She is a sweet caring being & my best friend.”

“I’m also very thankful for everyone here for also seeing through some of the BS.”

Gary Shirley 2016 VMAs

He said that “We will be taking a step back and trying to see where to go from here. While trying to keep putting Leah’s best interest first.”

“For a while that was (co-parenting) idk how to do it anymore.”

It seems like he’s really frustrated with Amber right now, but he did say “I’m trying not to get into the fine details of everything trying to have some class.”

“Again,” he finished, “thank you all for the support.”

It's Gary Time

He obviously feels like Amber disrespected Kristina, which she did, but it also definitely sounds like there’s something going on behind the scenes that’s really troubling him, and that’s terrifying, right?

If all of this is where Gary finally draws the line … what’s even going on out there?


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