Garmin has actually launched a brand-new smartwatch called the Lily, and its primary selling point is that Garmin declares it’s created by ladies, for females. The Sport Edition, which is made from aluminum and has a silicone band, costs $199, while the stainless-steel Classic Edition is $250 and includes a leather band.

Garmin claims it’s “the smartwatch ladies have actually been waiting on,” which appears based on its size and design, which is very fashion-forward. However, as reviewer Lily Katz from Android Authority points out in her evaluation of the Lily, the watch may have quit a couple of essential functions to attain those appearances.

To its credit, the Lily looks very much like a routine watch.
Image: Garmin

One of the Lily’s primary selling points is that it’s small. It’s circular, with a diameter of 34.5 mm, whereas the smaller sized 40 mm Apple Watch SE is a 40 mm by 34 mm rectangular shape. Area-wise, that implies the Apple Watch uses up 1,360 square millimeters on your wrist, while the Lily just takes935 By my calculations, that suggests the Lily will cover 31 percent less of your wrist. It’s Garmin’s tiniest smartwatch, and I ‘d picture it ‘d look comically little beside the company’s rugged Fenix watches.

The watch is circular, to look more like a “traditional” non-smartwatch, and it has a patterned background. The screen is touch-sensitive, however monochromatic, which seems a bit doing not have when similarly-priced offerings from Apple, Fitbit, and Samsung all have color screens. That stated, it’s probably to help maintain battery life, as Garmin declares it should get up to five days, which is quite remarkable given its size.

If the watch’s band design is very important to you, though, you may want to look somewhere else: the Lily’s straps are exclusive, and it doesn’t appear like Garmin is offering anymore on its store yet. In addition, you can’t blend and match bands– the colors are matched to the case.

The various watch colors and editions also have various background lens styles.
Image: Garmin

Garmin focuses a lot on physical fitness and health tracking with its smartwatches, and the Lily can track steps, workouts, sleep, tension levels, blood oxygen saturation, durations, and pregnancies. Naturally, none of those things are special to this smartwatch– the majority of Garmin’s other smartwatches feature the physical fitness tracking, and there are at least two others that include the duration and pregnancy tracking.

The Lily doesn’t have GPS, offline music, or Garmin Pay built-in like Garmin’s own Venu Sq, which sells for the same price. There are likewise other $200- ish smartwatches from other brands that are more feature-rich than the Lily, however to some they may not look as good.

There’s likewise not a lot of competing smartwatches that are as small as the Lily, so purchasers interested in having something use up the bulk of their wrist might also be interested. It’s simply worth considering what functions you’re willing to quit, and whether you want to deal with a few of the other cautions reviewers have actually found. The watch is available now from Garmin’s site.


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