High Manual of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell instructed the leaders of six Western Balkans countries that the diagram in which forward for the scrape is contained within the bloc, as he hosted them for an informal dinner.

“The potential forward for the Western Balkans is interior of the European Union, and here is a extraordinarily solid motive to support this assembly,” Borrell instructed reporters earlier than the dinner.

Leaders from Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina will participate within the event to discuss about challenges for the scrape and the EU.

Primarily based entirely on Borrell, Russia’s war on Ukraine will dominate the agenda.

Calling the six countries the EU’s “closest partner,” he acknowledged that the dialogue will focal level on “how we are able to tackle the penalties of the war together.”

He also wired that the EU and the Western Balkans countries wish to act in coordination because Russia tries to make divisions and “exploit our vulnerabilities.”

The leaders would maybe also discuss in regards to essentially the most smartly-liked tendencies within the scrape, in conjunction with the political disaster in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in preparation for the assembly of EU foreign affairs ministers to be held on Monday.

Borrell promised to be “very frank” with Bosnian Serbian leader Milorad Dodik, making the EU’s position determined that “there isn’t very this kind of thing as a residing for undermining the solidarity and territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.”


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