Arranged for release in February, Objective Possible is a funny action movie about spies. It includes a Chinese agent from the Ministry of State Security (MSS) and a previous South Korean Unique Forces agent who presently owns a detective business.

Directed and composed by Kim Hyung Joo, the film Mission Possible features a gifted cast consisting of Kim Young Kwang, Lee Sun Bin, Yi Ling, Seo Hyun Chul, Choi Byung Mo, Oh Dae Hwan, and Kim Tae Hoon, to name a few.

Kim Young Kwang as Woo Su Han, is the owner of a personal investigation agency. He will be misinterpreted for a national intelligence service representative by YooDa Hee played by Lee Sun Bin.

In Mission Possible, Lee Sun Bin as Yoo Da Hee is a high-ranking representative, in charge of investigating a big case about the smuggling of arms in between China and Sue’s Korea, executed by an unsafe criminal network that will trap the 2 protagonists in situations life or death.

The first stills show the character Yoo Da Hee (Lee Sun Bin), as a knowledgeable and experienced unique agent prepared for action, in contrast to Woo Soo Han (Kim Young Kwang) a bit awkward and funny.

Meanwhile, other Mission Possible posters show the faces of the lead characters with major and suspicious expressions, accompanied by the legend: Objective possible? Are you kidding.


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