There are countless brands that make standing desks, but Fully makes some of the best. And now through November 30th, the day after Cyber Monday, you can get 15 percent off every item available on its online store. That includes its Jarvis standing desks and handy accessories you might want with one, like a monitor arm, powered grommet covers that give you extra plugs and USB charging ports, and more. These deals don’t completely change that these are still pricey products, but if you have a home office, you stand to level up a few rungs on the ergonomic ladder by taking advantage of these deals.

If you’re looking for a real wood tabletop for your desk instead of less durable MDF material, the Jarvis standing desk with a bamboo top starts at $484 instead of $569. The cost goes up from there depending on the size of desk you’d like, along with several other customizations that make the price go up.

We haven’t reviewed standing desks at The Verge, but Fully’s Jarvis desk has been mentioned several times by a few of us here who own one (including myself).

Fully Jarvis bamboo standing desk

This bamboo standing desk includes a sturdy frame and a programmable keypad to control its height. It can lift up to 350 pounds and raise to a top height of 50 inches. It comes with a five-year warranty for the desktop surface and a 15-year warranty for desk frame components.

  • $484 at Fully

Fully makes less costly desks, too, like the Remi laminate standing desk, which now costs $390 instead of $459. The company also makes several fixed-height desks, which are seeing a 15 percent price drop right now.

Whether you want to go in on a desk or not, Fully’s accessories are compatible with more than its own creations. For people who are on their feet at a desk, the Topo anti-fatigue mat makes that far less of a strain. Normally $99, it costs $84. The mini version costs $67.

Another great addition to your work space could be Fully’s Jarvis monitor arm that fastens to your desk. It has a wide range of motion, even letting your monitor twist to the side if you’d rather orient your setup that way. Normally $129, it’s $110 now.

Fully Jarvis monitor arm

Snag this monitor arm in one of three colors to get your monitor off the desk and into a place that’s more ergonomically friendly to your posture. It looks great, and it grants you more desk real estate.

  • $110 at Fully


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