Konami’s Frogger video game series is obviously getting developed into a video game program, set to be streamed on NBC’s Peacock. The program’s entrants will obviously need to go through “physically requiring” challenge courses and will be asked to “evade treacherous traffic, leap over snapping gators and hop over starving hippos to dominate the course.” One would hope those are simulated utilizing foam and rubber. Otherwise, there might be some liability concerns.

The program guarantees longer episodes than usually gotten out of a video game program: according to an advertising e-mail, they’ll be an hour long (presently, 13 have actually been purchased). To be reasonable, I have actually absolutely played over an hour of Frogger previously without even considering it, and as enjoyable as the video game is, it’ll most likely be a lot more enjoyable to see people attempt (and more notably, stop working) to get rid of a few of the exact same difficulties players have actually needed to throughout the years. Reward points if they need to really dress up as frogs, however possibly that would make it too tough.

While the program will include American candidates, it’s being shot in Australia, according to the sign-up kind. The program likewise assures to pay the winner (who may be called the Frogger?) a “big prize money,” however it does not define just how much that’ll in fact be. Ideally enough to manage a lakefront lilypad.

Streaming appears like the ideal medium for a physical challenge-based video game program like this, particularly if it’s offered on the complimentary tier. While it’s tough to think of many individuals taking a time slot in their schedules to enjoy it like they ‘d need to with standard tv, it’s the kind of thing individuals may take a look at on a weekend and state, “Oh, yeah, I ‘d like to enjoy some individuals fall on their faces.”


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