LOS ANGELES– A previous Transportation Security Administration agent who was accused of fooling a tourist into showing her breasts as she went through security at Los Angeles International Airport pleaded no contest Friday to false imprisonment, authorities stated.

Johnathon Lomeli entered the plea to a felony count and was sentenced to 60 days in county jail, 52 classes addressing sexual compulsion and two years of probation, California’s attorney general of the United States’s workplace revealed.

Lomeli was likewise disallowed from working as a security guard.

Lomeli was charged with utilizing fraud or deceit to incorrectly lock up the lady in June 2019.

The woman informed private investigators that Lomeli informed her he had to look inside her bra to ensure she wasn’t hiding anything, had her hold her trousers far from her waist for a check, and then stated he would take her to a private space for further security screening, district attorneys said.

But when they were alone on an elevator, Lomeli told the woman he could carry out the screening there and bought her to lift her t-shirt and show her breasts, then looked down her pants, she stated.

Lomeli then informed the lady she was complimentary to go and added that she had good breasts, authorities said.


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