Sterling K. Brown and Susan Kelechi Watson have incredible chemistry on screen, so much so that it makes you think their love is so real. Until This Is Us is over, and even after, they will constantly be a favorite couple for fans of This Is Us and these are the reasons.

Randall supported Beth’s career change to follow her dreams

When Beth informed Randall in season 3 of This Is United States that she wished to return to her old passion for dancing rather than trying to find another office job after being fired, Randall (Sterling K. Brown) is not one of those. who decline that quickly.

In reality, he fully accepts her and informs her that she will do her best to try to support her when she ends up being a dance instructor at a prestigious dance studio. Other husbands may not be as helpful in such an abrupt profession change.

Even when they’re battling, Randall and Beth talk instead of running

Was your little fight in season 3 the worst time of my life to enjoy This Is United States? Yes, since he hated seeing them combat. Nevertheless, couples fight all the time.

While some let the fights consume their lives and get over them, Randall and Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) clashed, saying that she felt like she was tired of trying to keep the family together whenever he had a huge modification in his life. life and that he desired the chance to change it for once.

Beth invites Randall’s family

Not only did Beth welcome William (Ron Cephas Jones), Randall’s estranged biological father, who resided in her house, essentially a stranger at the time to her kids, but she established a connection to him and even consumed a cannabis brownie with him.

Beth supported Randall’s desire for a foster kid

Randall’s interest in embracing a foster child was another big life change for them. A big one. All of a sudden wanting to bring another child into the house, take care of him, pay for him, provide him a better life, that’s an extremely various atmosphere than in the past.

However Beth brought it up with Randall and chose it was better to raise a child rather than embrace one, and now they have Deja (Lyric Ross) 3 seasons in the future This Is United States as their main adopted daughter. Don’t forget that This Is Us is offered on Hulu.


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