The Zebra uses data and research to simplify shopping for car insurance.

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Most U.S. states have a formal, legal requirement for individuals to have car insurance. Perhaps because it’s essential in so many places, people tend not to think much about it when it comes time to actually shopping for insurance. Despite all the ads on TV, how different are the rates you’ll actually pay whether you choose one provider over another?

The cold, hard truth, however, is that the rates can differ significantly and it can be a hassle to do the research yourself. As simple as it may be to search car insurance on Google, fill out the first application you see, and get coverage in a couple of weeks, there’s a much, much better way to do it.

Shopping for car insurance is significantly easier and smarter thanks to The Zebra’s hassle-free experience.

The Zebra has been compiling research on American driving habits and the car insurance industry since 2012. Leveraging all of that data, they’ve developed a car insurance research and shopping system that works for everybody. In just a few minutes, you can find and compare rates on The Zebra, quickly identifying the provider that works for you. Since The Zebra is a conduit between you and insurance companies, you can see the rates without sharing your personal information directly with all of the companies they partner with.

Using The Zebra is easy. Just enter your ZIP code and some info into their site, and you’ll instantly see what’s available in your area. Find something you like, and The Zebra will put you in contact on your terms, not theirs. It’s essentially the same service that Expedia does for plane tickets, but for car insurance companies. The Zebra encourages healthy competition between its more than 100 carriers, and users can save as much as $440/year.

Ready to find a new policy that fits your budget? Check out The Zebra today to see what rates are available in your area.


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