Farrah Abraham has worn many hats over the course of her career.

She’s been a reality star, a porn star “celebrity sex tape” performer, an Instagram influencer, a sex toy saleswoman, an author of faith-based memoirs focusing on her Christianity … an author of intensely-graphic erotica.

These days, Farrah is re-entering the literary world, but thus far, her new project is … not off to a great start.

Farrah Abraham Screen Capture

Apparently, she’s written a book called Dream Twenties.

The subtitle describes her latest project as “A self-guided self-help memoire [sic] by New York Times best-selling author Farrah Abraham.”

Yeah, she’s not off to a great start by misspelling “memoir” on the cover of her memoir.

Farrah's Book

But this is Farrah we’re talking about, so of course the situation only gets worse from there.

According to the book’s description, Dream Twenties “brings you the stepping stones of living a life of justice and essential success for the 21st century by top googled celebrity Farrah Abraham.”

From there, the description goes on the sing Farrah’s praises without offering much insight into what the book is about.

Farrah Abraham for America

“Farrah Abraham has shared her life with the world since she was 16 & pregnant on MTV, notably Hollywood’s favorite Teen Mom and now thirty years old,” it reads.

“Farrah goes on to fight for the female perspective through her coming of-age adult journey.

“Farrah Abraham has chosen to enrich the world boundaries, consent culture, healing, mental health and abuse in front and behind the screen, extending to all of our communities that networks reach,” the person who wrote this description (obviously Farrah) continues.

Farrah Abraham Farrahsplains to Followers

“Live a life of justice, may all your twenties dreams come true before or after your twenties.”

Obviously, none of that makes much sense, but it makes more sense than the stuff Farrah usually writes, so we’re guessing she had some help with it.

Farrah has guaranteed that the book will be a bestseller, but she also says she planning to release it for free. 

Farrah Abraham on Video in April 2021

So yeah, someone should probably have a talk with her about her promotional strategy.

But while no one in Farrah’s inner circle will ever tell her “no,” internet commenters are happy to rake her over the coals.

“The only book related to her that I’d want to read is when her daughter gets older, goes through decades of therapy & writes a book about how to survive a crazy parent,” one person wrote.

Farrah Abraham Masked Up

“Top Googled celebrity?” another added, pointing out that that distinction is not necessarily a good thing.

“I’d rather read a dictionary,” a third commenter chimed in.

Farrah is promoting the memoir with her “books and botox” tour, which is an odd strategy for a number of reasons.

Books and Botox

For starters, sticking needles in people who show up to have their book signed seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

On top of that, Farrah has fequently been roasted for going way, way overboard with her own Botox treatments.

Of course, Farrah is going to Harvard this summer, so maybe she knows what she’s doing.

And hey,  no publicity is bad publicity, right? Especially if you’re Farrah Abaram.


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