The household of a 16- year-old girl in Florida who was body-slammed this week by a school resource officer is requiring the deputy be fired and jailed.

Mobile phone video of the occurrence has actually been shared extensively on social networks, and civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who’s represented the families of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, has now taken on the case.

” The person who’s supposed to secure her is the individual who brutalized her,” Crump stated. “This is a problem specifically in the African-American community due to the fact that usually we see them using this extreme use of force with our children.”

Taylor Bracey is a junior at Liberty High School in Osceola County, Florida. Her mom, Jamesha Bracey, told NBC News her daughter had formerly told school administrators that other trainees had threatened her.

” She’s extremely traumatized at this minute,” her mom stated, including that her daughter has actually been experiencing headaches, blurred vision and memory loss considering that the event. “( We’re) simply upset and desire justice to be served.”

As seen in the video, other trainees were shocked as Bracey’s head audibly hit the concrete floor. The deputy is then seen pulling her hands behind her back and handcuffing her.

Bracey’s mom stated her daughter was knocked unconscious and doesn’t keep in mind striking the ground. She told NBC News that school administrators were initially unwilling to inform her what had taken place. She doesn’t think she would have gotten a complete account if other students had actually not recorded the run-in.

” Why did you do that to my daughter?” she stated. “She’s a very sweet lady, she likes to journal … She’s a good kid.”

On Wednesday, Constable Marcos Lopez revealed that he would turn over the case to the Florida Department of Police. During a news conference, he said the deputy, Ethan Fournier, does not have a history of misbehavior.

” From my understanding, it was a disturbance of a school function,” Lopez said. “The student was not adhering to legal commands. She pursued another trainee.”

Bracey’s family disputes that.

” There was never a fight,” Crump stated. “There was a verbal altercation. Taylor never ever touched any person and after that this policeman does what we see on that video.”

Fournier is on paid leave while the investigation continues. His lawyer, David Bigney, stated in a statement stated that “school resource officers never want to be put in a scenario where they have to use force on a trainee.”” Sadly in some cases a circumstance rises to the level where force is justified and needed,” Bigney said. “When a video like this comes out which reveals just a little part of the story, the media and the public tend to jump to the conclusion that using force was excessive without knowing what caused using force. Making use of force in this case was in reality justified.”

Fournier’s father, Gregory Fournier, informed NBC News in a text: “My child has a stellar record and would take a bullet for those trainees. I believe he is being dealt with openly very unfairly.”

According to the National Association of School Resource Officers, there are an approximated 14,000-20,000 school resource officers in the U.S. and about 20 percent of all K-12 schools have one.

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