Facebook : Mark Zuckerberg submitted a million-dollar proposal to musician and activist Roger Waters, one of the founders of the band Pink Floyd, to use the 1979 classic Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2, in an Instagram-related advertising piece. The answer? “F*** f***. Don’t f*** it,” said Rogers, maintaining his position in relation to the owner of Facebook that has already been demonstrated on other occasions.

Roger brought up the subject during an event that took place last Thursday (10) in favor of the release of Julian Assange – WikiLeaks founder imprisoned two years ago –, in which he shared his impressions.

“An offer came this morning involving a huge amount. I’m only telling you this because it’s a treacherous move by them to take control of absolutely everything,” said the composer, who is also the composer.

According to Waters, the objective behind the attempt at a deal, which talked about the song having a message “so important and so necessary these days”, attesting to how “timeless” it is, would be “to make Facebook and Instagram more powerful than that they are” to maintain the censorship of the people gathered there and prevent reports about Assange from reaching the general public.

power of choice

Roger didn’t stop needling Zuckerberg once more, and in 2018, during the Us + Them world tour, he had already criticized him on his screens, along with other international figures. At the time, the social network created by Mark was considered by the artist as something that people should resist.

“How did we give any power to an idiot who started his trajectory from ‘she’s pretty, I’ll rate it four out of five; that’s ugly, I’ll rate it one out of five’? And there you have it, one of the greatest imbeciles of the world,” he reflected, referring to the beginning of Facebook, which was a university platform for meetings between students.

“I have a little power, at least over the use of my creations,” defended the personality. “I’m not going to be part of this m***a,” he added.


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