A previous law enforcement officer in California is dealing with charges after he presumably threatened to “put a bullet” in an 11- year-old young boy’s head over a doorbell trick, authorities stated.

Dean Taylor, who was an officer with the San Francisco Authorities Department, was nabbed at his San Rafael house on charges of kidnapping and death dangers.

The occurrence started on Feb. 12 when a group of juveniles were calling doorbells in the location and after that escaping prior to the homeowner might address.

The 11- year-old kid informed cops that Taylor challenged them, got in his automobile, and chased the group, according to an authorities news release. At one point, Taylor presumably obstructed the kid’s course with his vehicle, he informed authorities.

” The suspect left his car, started chewing out the victim, got him by the neck, and required him to the ground,” cops stated. “The victim stated when he returned onto his feet, he was pressed into the suspect’s car.”

An individual in the location saw the event and called the authorities.

According to authorities, the kid stated that Taylor threatened to “put a bullet in his head” if he ever did the doorbell trick at his house once again. Taylor then dropped the kid off on a street.

The kid stated he went to his moms and dad’s house and informed them what occurred. Authorities stated the kid’s neck was red from where he was apparently gotten however he did not need medical attention.

Cops spoke to Taylor who stated that the group sounded his doorbell 4 times and “he was fed up,” journalism release states. He stated that after his bell was struck once again, he chased the group however rejected getting the kid around the neck or threatening him.

Anthony Brass, a lawyer for Taylor, stated the group of juveniles had actually been consistently pranking the community and on the night of the occurrence his customer was attempting to rest after having surgical treatment.

Brass stated Taylor’s objective was to take the kid to his moms and dads to inform them about the trick. When the young boy asked to be dropped somewhere else, Taylor let the young boy out of the automobile, the lawyer stated.

Taylor is arranged to appear in court on March29 Brass stated he is attempting to get the charges dropped.

Image: Minyvonne Burke Minyvonne Burke

Minyvonne Burke is a breaking news press reporter for NBC News.


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