Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have been hooking up for a while now.

The couple first met when Kim hosted Saturday Night Live back in October, and despite living on opposite coasts, they’ve been pretty much inseparable ever since.

Last month, Pete spent his birthday with Kim and Kris Jenner at Kris’ house in Palm Springs.

Just weeks later, Kim met Pete’s mom at his home on Staten Island.

Kim Kardashian-Pete Davidson

Needless to say, these two are very much acting like a couple.

And while there was a time when it seemed as though Kim and Pete were trying to keep their relationship a secret, these days, they’re making no effort to hide their love away.

According to a new report from the Daily Mail Pete was grinning ear-to-ear as he left the Four Seasons in New York on Monday.

Pete Davidson Smokes Weed

Insiders tell the tabloid that Kim is staying at the swanky hotel, and Pete was making his way home after spending most of the day and evening with his new boo.

Photos show Davidson looking very contented with his nails painted red and a blunt between his fingers.

Hey, it’s legal in New York now!

Pete Davidson Gives a Dramatic Look

Perhaps the THC contributed to Pete’s contented mood, but we think it’s safe to assume he was also fresh from a marathon smash session.

We suppose it’s possible that he and Kim were just watching Netflix, but c’mon …

… They’ve only been dating for a couple of months, and she’s a mother of four who had a hotel room all to herself for the night.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian

If they didn’t have sex under those circumstances, then they should probably just go their separate ways right now.

“They’re proud to be Hollywood’s hottest new item and can’t keep their hands off each other,” a source close to the couple tells Life & Style.

“The PDA isn’t just for show either, they’re just as affectionate behind closed doors.” 

Kim at the People's Choice Awards

The news of Kim and Pete’s late night hotel romp comes on the heels of reports that Kim has filed to change her legal status to “single.”

The move comes months after Kim filed for divorce from Kanye West, and it seems to indicate a sudden desire to speed the process along.

“[Kardashian] no longer desires to be married to [West],” reads a document filed by Kim’s attorneys last week.

Ye and Kim Kardashian

“There is no question that the marriage of the parties is no longer viable. [Kardashian] has no desire to reconcile with [West] and wants their marriage terminated,” the filing continues.

“Irreconcilable differences have led to the irremediable breakdown of the marriage, and there is no possibility of saving the marriage through counseling or other means.”

We imagine the filing came as quite a shock to Kanye, who has been openly trying to win Kim back for months now.

Kim Kardashian SNL Photo

It’s looking like that ship has sailed, but don’t go wasting your sympathy on Yeezy.

For starters, he treated his estranged wife like crap throughout much of their marriage, including the time he falsely accused Kim of cheating during an unhinged Twitter rant.

On top of that, he didn’t launch this effort to win her back until after she started dating Davidson.

Pete Davidson with The Finger

So we guess Kanye’s loss is Pete’s gain.

We think it’s safe to assume you won’t be seeing Kanye performing on SNL anytime soon!


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