Financial services company E-Trade has actually restricted purchases of GameStop and AMC stock, a source tells Bloomberg The 2 stocks have ended up being popular on online forums like the r/WallStreetBets subreddit and seen their rates escalate to extraordinary highs over the past week. (GameStop hit $483 previously on Thursday and briefly exceeded that during the day. Last Thursday, the stock closed at $43)

We have actually seen users on Twitter report that they have been not able to purchase the stocks also.

eTrade is likewise forbiding purchasing Gamestop.

— Thomas Wicklund (@tgwicklund) January 28,2021

Welp, ETrade wouldn’t let me buy AMC stock online.

— Aramadon (@Arammadon) January 28,2021

Bloomberg composes that an E-Trade agent decreased to comment, and the company didn’t right away react to a request from The Edge

E-Trade follows other stock-trading platforms in placing limitations on the stocks. Robinhood added new limits to its app to limit buying or trading GameStop, AMC, and other stocks that are popular on r/WallStreetBets on Thursday early morning. Angry Robinhood users are now calling for a class action lawsuit as a result and have even made a subreddit concentrated on developing that claim. Robinhood rivals Public and WeBull also limited some transactions for a period of time on Thursday before lifting the restrictions.


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