Doorbell camera videos usually go viral for showing packages being stolen or critters running amok, but front porch video from Florida last week was widely shared for capturing the heartwarming moment a good Samaritan returned a lost wallet.

Debra Crosby was checking out at a Walmart in Jacksonville on Saturday when she realized she no longer had her wallet, she told NBC affiliate WTLV. It would turn out that she had dropped it in the parking lot.

As she drove back to her home in Yulee, she wondered how she would replace the wallet’s important contents, including her military ID. It was on the trip home that she got a notification on her phone that someone was at her door, WTLV reported.

Video from her Ring doorbell camera showed that the unexpected visitor was who she now calls her “guardian angel” — an unidentified man who was returning her wallet.

An unidentified man found Debra Crosby’s wallet in a Walmart in River City, Fla., and returned it to her home Saturday.via WTLV

“Hey, how you doing? I found your wallet at Walmart,” the man said. After a few minutes, he said he would leave the wallet near some Amazon boxes, and that’s exactly where Crosby found it with all of its valuables.

Crosby, a science teacher at Yulee Middle School, couldn’t believe that someone would return her wallet.

“My God. This person went out of his way,” Crosby told WTLV. “I get there and the wallet and along with the credit cards and everything are there.”

Crosby said she lives 20 minutes from the Walmart and couldn’t believe the kindness of someone going so above and beyond.

“If he is watching this, I want him to know that he makes me so proud,” Crosby said. “I have three sons of my own, and I would hope that they do the exact same thing.”


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