To estimate previous East Grand Rapids resident and ex-President Gerald Ford …

… our long national problem is over.

At last.

And, really, not a moment too soon.

djt photograph

Simply under 2 weeks after his advocates robbed the U.S. Capitol in a violent act of insurrection, and one day before Joe Biden gets sworn in as his replacement, Donald Trump has actually attended to the nation.

On Tuesday afterrnoon, the President launched a video that went through his accomplishment, both genuine and imaginary.

” We have reasserted the sacred concept that in America, the federal government responses to individuals,” he said at one point, including:

” We defended the concept that every person is entitled to equal self-respect, equal treatment, and equal rights, due to the fact that we are all made equivalent by God.”

Donald Trump Incites Violence

It’s extremely unclear simply how Trump and his administration did this.

Who cares about details or truths?

” I took on the tough fights, the hardest fights, the most tough choices,” Trump continued. “Since that’s what you chose me to do.”

He added that his agenda “was not about ideal or left, it wasn’t Republican or Democrat, but about the good of a nation, and that implies the whole country.”

Donald Trump Ponders Life

To critics, of course, this line is downright comical.

No President in modern history has catered more to a select group of people than Donald Trump.

And, possibly on an associated note, no President will leave workplace with a lower approval rating.

According to Gallup, Trump is jetting off to Florida with a career-low approval ranking of 34%; he is the only President given that the study began in 1938 to have actually never when broken the 50% mark.

Donald Trump as POTUS

” We brought back American Strength in the house– and American management abroad,” Trump stated on Tuesday.

” We developed the greatest economy in the history of the world. We renewed our alliances and rallied the countries of the world to stand up to China like never ever in the past.”

The week Trump is leaving, it’s impossible to neglect the fact that over 400,000 Americans have actually passed away from COVID-19, just over a year given that the very first reported case in the United States.

Trump has not discussed this pandemic in weeks, focusing instead of harmful and incorrect allegations of citizen fraud.

trump excerpt1

Nowhere in his taped video speech on Tuesday did Trump discuss Joe Biden or his family.

He did, however, acknowledge that a “brand-new administration” will take control of at midday on Wednesday, January 20.

” I stand before you really happy with what we have attained together.

” We did what we came here to do– therefore a lot more,” Trump included today, emphasizing that no new war broke out under his watch.

Donald Trump in the Shadows

After formerly informing those who defied their Democracy that their “GIANT VOICE” would continue to be heard for many years to come, Trump also hinted in his address that we have not heard the last from him.

Yes, he’s been impeached for a second time.

Yes, a number of Republican Congressmen enacted favor of this penalty and a number of Republican Senators are expected to vote to convict him later on this month.

He may even be prohibited from running for President once again in 2024.

Donald Trump Video Pic

But Donald Trump does not know how to live outside of the spotlight.

Toward the end of his farewell speech, he for that reason said a couple of words that ought to terrify the f-ck out of millions of residents:

” I want you to understand that the motion we began is only simply beginning.”


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