Google wants to increase the optimization of devices with large screens with Android 12L. Here are the innovations that will come with the 12L…

Tablets, which were on the market before smartphones, first appeared as Windows-supported tablet PCs. Android tablets have also been on the market for years, but the user experience has still not been able to reach the desired level.

With Android 12L, Google wants to turn this situation in its favor and make the user experience better. It is planned to increase optimizations especially for large screens.

Google will make tablets more useful with Android 12

Google’s mobile platform at least allows downloading phone apps. However, it is still insufficient when compared to iPadOS, which Apple developed specifically for tablets. On the other hand, there are also developers who want to optimize their applications on Android devices.

Android 12L operating system, which is expected to be introduced by Google soon; It turns out that he pays more attention to big screens. It will also give developers the tools they need to make apps work better on such devices.

Devices that Google refers to as big screens don’t just include tablets. Android 12L covers larger screens, i.e. foldable phones, as well as cases where Android apps run on a separate external display. It includes the ability to hook it up to an external monitor or use Android apps on Google’s Chromebooks.

Google, in its latest blog post for developers; It also explains to developers the new tools and features they will have with Android 12L. Updates to Android’s design guidelines and tools; It enables developers to do their work more easily and develop applications better.

Working to improve the user experience, Google will highlight applications that support large screens. Tablet, foldable phone and Chromebook users, in the Play Store search results; will see applications compatible with screen sizes in the top row.


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