With the participation of star Ok Taec Yeon from the K-Pop group 2MP, as part of a cast of skilled entertainers, the K-Drama Vincenzo is among the most awaited jobs of the very first quarter of the year 2021.

Slated to premiere on February 20, Vincenzo revolves around what occurs to Vincenzo Cassano, an Italian legal representative and mob counselor of Korean descent, embraced by an Italian household as a child, who is required to return to Korea.

Popular Idol Taecyeon (Ok Taec Yeon) will play Jang Jun Woo, a trainee lawyer who originates from abroad and imagines ending up being something of James Bond. He will complete the team of Vincenzo Cassano (Tune Joong Ki) and fierce legal representative Hong Cha Young (Jun Yeo Bin).

Directed by Kim Hee Won and composed by Park Jae Bum, Vincenzo’s original story features numerous compelling components, significantly the presence of actor and vocalist Ok Taec Yeon.

Ok Taec Yeon will present a new facet as an artist through Jang Jun Woo. As a character whose advancement in Korean society is not entirely adequate due to the fact that he lived numerous years abroad.

In Vincenzo, Jang Jun Woo is quick with words and has a free-spirited soul that can adjust to any situation. In some things, he might seem awkward and awkward, however he’s also genuine and enthusiastic about his work.


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