A territorial dispute between Denmark and Canada over a barren and uninhabited Arctic isle that has resulted in 49 years of first-rate friction has come to an discontinue, with the 2 worldwide locations agreeing on Tuesday to divide the shrimp island between them.

Below the agreement, a border could be drawn across the 1.3-square-kilometer (half of-square-mile) Hans Island in the waterway between the northwestern rush of the semi-self adequate Danish territory of Greenland and Canada’s Ellesmere Island. The rock has no known mineral reserves of worth.

“It sends a clear signal that it’s imaginable to construct up to the bottom of border disputes … in a realistic and restful come, the build the all parties change into winners,” acknowledged Danish Out of the country Minister Jeppe Kofod. He acknowledged it became as soon as “a extremely essential signal now that there is far battle and unrest on this planet.”

Canada and Denmark agreed in 1973 to invent a border through Nares Strait, midway between Greenland and Canada. But they had been unable to agree which country would possess sovereignty over Hans Island, which lies about 1,100 kilometers (680 miles) south of the North Pole. In the discontinue, they determined to determine the inquire of of possession later.

In the following years, the territorial dispute – nicknamed the “whisky battle” by media – raised its head just a few occasions.

In 1984, Denmark’s minister of Greenland affairs raised a Danish flag on the island, buried a bottle of Danish schnapps on the putrid of the flagpole and left a be conscious asserting, “Welcome to the Danish island.” Canadians then planted their dangle flag and left a bottle of Canadian brandy. Since then, the worldwide locations possess in turns hoisted their flags and left bottles of various spirits in a form of tot-for-tot dispute.

In 2002, Nana Flensburg became as soon as section of a Danish protection force crew that stood on the cliff to provide a flag-elevating ceremony. The Politiken newspaper on Tuesday quote her as asserting in her diary that “among the many stones in the cairns had been many of bottles, glasses, and so forth. with documents that urged about previous visits to the island.”

The agreement enters into force after the 2 worldwide locations’ inside of procedures were completed. In Denmark, the Parliament need to first give its consent to the agreement.

“Or no longer it’s miles a bewitch for Canada. Or no longer it’s miles a bewitch for Denmark,” Canadian Out of the country Minister Melanie Joly acknowledged, while alluding to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

“We’re showing a bunch of worldwide locations how territorial disputes also can furthermore be resolved … What we’re asserting to President Putin is, ‘We now possess the ideal come to determine on disputes.'”

The 2 foreign ministers also exchanged bottles of whiskey.

Though both worldwide locations possess despatched warships to the island, there became as soon as never any likelihood of a taking pictures battle. Every aspect resolved to determine on the realm peacefully and talks started in 2005.

The agreement procedure the USA will no longer be the ideal country with which Canada shares a land border.

“We now possess a border with the E.U,” Joly acknowledged.

It also settles maritime boundaries across the island which could possess grown in importance as global warming in the Northwest Passage could launch the channels of Canada’s Arctic islands and shorten the voyage from Europe to the A long way East. America, Canada, Russia, Denmark and Norway were staking claims in the Arctic.

The settlement also provides Indigenous accumulate entry to and rights of exercise to Hans Island.


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