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CW, Trailer of Jared Padalecki’s New Series, Episode 2


The CW’s new series, Walker, premiered on January 21 and many fans greeted it with fond memories remembering the original series from the 90 s that starred Chuck Norris.

In Walker, former Supernatural Jared Padalecki is in charge of playing the title role as Cordell Walker, Texas Ranger, his first performance after Sam Winchester in The CW’s fiction and thriller series.

What we learned in the very first episode of the first season, is that in this version Walker will deal with the death of his better half and her estrangement from their kids after being missing in a case for almost a year, and will satisfy his new interpreted partner by Lindsey Morgan.

Next January 28, is the day scheduled by The CW channel to relay the 2nd episode of Walker, in which in addition to Padalecki likewise appear Kale Culley as Arlo, Violet Brinson as Robin, Keegan Allen as Liam.

Official trailer for the 2nd episode of Jared Padalecki’s series, Walker

Similarly, there are also Molly Hagan as Abeline among other actors of impressive trajectory. And guest-starring Genevieve Padalecki as Walker’s late wife Emily.

The 2nd episode of Walker is entitled “Back in the Saddle” of which a preview was released, the official run-through of which was published by The CW channel and is described as follows:

” Walker tries to reconnect with his children. Walker continues to try to reconnect with his household, however finds that his kids have actually developed new routines with Liam (Allen). Back at work, Captain James (Bell) informs Walker that he requires to be recertified to be a Ranger, but old memories of (visitor star) prevent his progress. “


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