Recently, Crunchyroll anime streaming announced that it has reached an all-time record of 5 million subscribers, in addition to over 120 million registered users on its platform.

The data refer to the number of people who pay to use the service with all the advantages it offers, in addition to those who use streaming to watch its content for free — with advertisements spread throughout anime episodes.

It is worth noting that the company had announced about six months ago that it already had 4 million subscribers. Thus, these factors indicate that the platform had a considerable growth rate in just one semester, showing that very soon new records could be broken.

Through its official website, Crunchyroll celebrated the event with the public, reinforcing, through an official note, that streaming is available in more than 200 countries worldwide.

“It’s an honor to be able to connect so many people to the stories and art that interest them. This great achievement is only possible because of the incredible community of anime fans who assiduously support us”, they wrote.

Crunchyroll: Learn more about streaming anime

Founded in 2006, initially Crunchyroll consisted of a website that broadcast unlicensed content, fostered through fansubs — a group of fans who are dedicated to creating access to various animes through the creation of non-profit subtitles.

However, over time, professionalization reached developers and, as of 2009, they began to offer only authorized content to users, reaching the mark of a thousand anime series in its first year. Gradually, the platform has been positioning itself in the Japanese series distribution market, also infiltrating the release of original content.

In this sense, Fena: Pirate Princess should be one of the brand’s first productions, scheduled for release later this year. Despite belonging to WarnerMedia since 2018, executives announced that Sony would be buying the company in 2020 for about US$1.1bn (around R$5.75bn).

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