We knew that unfaithful allegations would be leveled at Madison LeCroy at the Reunion.

But the Southern Appeal Season 7 star was accused of being a homewrecker to a popular professional athlete.

That’s not all. Shep Rose admitted to having actually cheated upon his sweetheart, if only as much as a point.

And Kathryn attempted to clarify at last about whether she’s behind the rumor that drove Cameran Eubanks to stop.

Craig Conover Levels Accusations

” You were flying around the nation sleeping with guys, wed men!” Craig Conover exclaimed intensely while facing Madison LeCroy.

” Ex-MLB gamers,” he defined. “That’s what you were doing during quarantine.”

Danni Baird asked so that the rest people did not have to– “MLB” refers to baseball gamers.

Austen Kroll asked about MLB at Southern Charm S07 Reunion

Craig’s explosive tirade continued.

” You flew to Miami to f– k an ex-MLB player,” he accused.

Austen then chimed in to support his buddy: “That’s the goddamn reality.”

Madison LeCroy at the Season 7 Reunion

” Put me on a lie detector test,” Madison challenged her accusers.

” I never flew to Miami,” she asserted. “Where’s the record of that?”

Craig and Austen claimed that she had “proudly” flaunted Instagram DMs with the athlete, whose name was bleeped.

Andy Cohen shocked at Southern Charm S07 Reunion

Andy, who seems to know more about sports than a few of us, identifies the male only as “a very famous, married ex-MLB gamer.”

Craig is so viscerally upset that he calls Madison a “f– king homewrecker” on top of the unfaithful allegations.

Disgusted, he declares: “She’s garbage and I dislike being on the same stage as her.”

Madison LeCroy on Southern Charm

” He contacted me and, yes, we DM ‘d, however aside from that, there was absolutely nothing,” Madison clarified when Andy asked for additional details.

Shen then told Andy: “I have actually never physically seen him, touched him …”

” You men FaceTime all the time, Madison!” Austen exclaimed, with Craig restating the very same assertion.

Austen Kroll Gets a Breakup Call

” I am not a f– king liar, and I will defend that,” Madison stated. “I’m sorry, I’m not lying.”

” She’s extoling it, that’s it,” Austen implicated.

Madison fired back: “Well, it’s better than you!”

Madison LeCroy vs Craig Conover at Southern Charm S07 Reunion

It was newbie John Pringle who used a moment of levity, saying: “I don’t think jerkin’ off on FaceTime is cheating. Anyhow …”

Obviously, unfaithful is defined by the couple (or plural relationship) in concern.

One partner might not even blink at something that would make another devasted and angry and bitter– as Austen and Madison plainly are.

Shep Rose at the Southern Charm S07 Reunion

Shep Rose had actually apparently been luckier in love, as he got appreciation for settling down with girlfriend Taylor Green.

Shep was less than excited to accept the compliments, admitting that he ‘d been a less than outstanding partner.

” We had a couple of missteps,” he opposed before confessing: “There were some text messages.”

Shep Rose Through the Window

” I kissed a woman in a stairwell which’s all it was,” Shep confessed after Craig pressed him for more information.

” Yeah, it was an old flame and we were texting … and absolutely nothing ever came of it,” he added.

” It was a moment of weakness,” Shep identified. “I was consuming, but that’s all it was and I’ll go to my severe understanding that holds true.”

Leva Bonaparte at the Season 7 Reunion

Leva Bonaparte challenged the way that Shep described his actions, but Shep said that it brought him to a much better location with Taylor.

He recalled: “She goes, ‘Look, I dislike what occurred and it hurt me a lot, nevertheless, I want to stay with you. I’m in love with you. You make me delighted.””

Shep concluded: “And we cried and it resembled a big offer.”

Cameran Eubanks Offers Life Advice

Season 7 was missing out on some obvious stars– Cameran Eubanks, Chelsea Meissner, and the stunning Naomie Olindo.

The inciting event for the walkoff was a phony report about Cameran’s spouse unfaithful with a girl … a rumor that the majority of implicated Kathryn Dennis of engineering.

” I want to clear this up,” Kathryn said at the Reunion.

Kathryn Dennis Goes Blonde for the Reunion

” She made the decision not to return to the show before anything occurred with reports and anything like that,” Kathryn claimed of Cameran.

She also insisted: “I did not make up this report.”

Kathryn restated: “I didn’t sit at home and twiddle my thumbs and develop a rumor.”

Craig Conover and Cameran Eubanks

That doesn’t indicate that she didn’t discuss it after hearing it.

She claimed that both Craig and Shep had actually heard it ahead of time– and she even got some backup.

” Despite the fact that I know there’s no reality to this Cameran report, at all, Kathryn did not make the report,” Craig validated.