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Covid-19: licenses private centers to buy vaccines


The federal government has actually given its approval so that Brazilian personal companies can get a batch of 33 million dosages of the vaccine from the British producer AstraZeneca, also known as “Oxford vaccine”. According to the Folha de S. Paulo Panel area of this Monday (25 th), authorization was granted in a letter sent out directly to the business producing the immunizer.

The correspondence, composed in English and sent out on Friday (22), specifies some conditions for the operation to be performed, the first of which is that half of the batch, with 16.5 million doses, be contributed to SUS, or that is, enough to immunize 8.25 million people.

The other conditions to be fulfilled by the business include the creation of a vaccine tracking system, the prohibition of the sale of the vaccines, the requirement that they be used free of charge to their staff members, in addition to acquiring a permission for import and another for usage. emergency situation vaccine by Anvisa.

The letter to AstraZeneca

The letter sent to the head office of AstraZeneca had copies for the Black Rock Holdings fund (shareholder of the maker) and Gustavo Campolina, of the company BRZ Investimentos, from São Paulo. The correspondence was signed by ministers Wagner Rosário (Comptroller General of the Union) and José Levi (Advocacy General of the Union), and by Élcio Franco, executive secretary of the Ministry of Health.

For federal government authorities, the Executive’s choice not to continue opposing the purchase of the vaccine by personal business was due to the high rate of dosages, well above the amounts paid by the Ministry of Health. Each dosage will cost companies US $ 23, 79, the equivalent of R $ 130, a worth thought about much above market prices.


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