After the altering presidency in the U.S.A., the White Home site was likewise upgraded and it was chosen to continue with WordPres. WordPress, one of the most commonly used open source software worldwide, began to be used in the US Governmental website infrastructure in 2017.

One of these changes was the website of the White Home.

The White House will continue with WordPress

The US Presidency’s upgraded brand-new site includes high contrast and bigger typeface size. It is seen that these two functions are focused on handicapped visitors. Numerous users also choose “dark mode”. The White Home site currently has English and Spanish languages.

Comments came from designers for the WordPress-based website utilized by the White Home. Complete Stack designer Wes Bos shared the results of the updated site’s efficiency, ease of access, best practice and SEO tests.

Looking at the test results, it is seen that the website is effective in terms of software and SEO. scoring very well on lighthouse, has dark mode and typeface size selector

h8ers gon na seethe that it’s wordpress and jQuery tho

— Wes Bos (@wesbos) January 20, 2021

A job publishing message was posted in the HTML codes of the website, and attention was drawn to the task posting, where only US people can use.


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