Adrien Grenier News: After a fairly low-key start on Netflix, Clickbait has finally managed to find its place in the platform’s top 10. It must be said that the American-Australian series manages to hold the viewer in suspense throughout, especially with its unexpected and surprising twists and its final shock and quite unexpected revelation. Adrien Grenier and one of the creators, Tony Ayres, react and explain the choice of the plot for the end of season 1. Warning, this article contains big spoilers on the last episode!

If the end of some thrillers are easy to guess, that of the Clickbait series, available on Netflix, is quite surprising because few clues allow us to discover the culprits before the last episode. On the other hand, we let ourselves be led on false tracks throughout season 1. At the beginning, we think that Nick is guilty and that he has abused women as suggested by the signs on which we can notably read: “I abuse women. At 5 million views, I die.” He is in fact drawn up a portrait of an unfaithful man who enchains the conquests found on dating sites.

Adrien Grenier reacts to the end of Clickbait

The plot is so well put together that we believe in it until the end except that in reality, Nick is totally innocent! He is not cheating on his wife and is not the cause of the suicide of one of the women on the dating site. The father is actually the victim of a trap set by a person he knows very well: his colleague Dawn. We discover in the last episode of Clickbait that it was Dawn who usurped Nick’s identity to register on dating sites.

Abandoned by her husband Ed, whom we only meet in episode 8, and sad in her life, she decides to find attention with other women, without ever meeting them. She therefore exchanges with them by pretending to be Nick and if her game works well at first, her husband discovers the truth and forces her to stop everything. Unfortunately, Dawn continues until one day Nick understands the whole story and dies killed by Ed.

A shock to which Adrien Grenier reacts in an interview with EW: “It’s both sad and upsetting. I tend to try to have compassion for people who are lost and troubled and end up hurting people. because of their own unresolved issues. I think it is a great relief to understand what has happened in all the confusion and all those who are both victims and accomplices in a crime. Trust can to cause your downfall is a sad reality. ”

“It was planned to include Ed earlier”

For his part, one of the creators of Clickbait, Tony Ayres explains, also to EW, that the final plot is inspired by true stories, like other passages of the series: “There were stories about women stealing the identity of men to trap women and start a romance with them. It was never clear. Sometimes they were lesbians, but sometimes they did it out of boredom in order to get out of the routine. Two of these women were married. It was just such an unusual thing. When I tried to understand them, I was drawn to the idea of ​​a woman who felt completely invisible. ”

“As a gay Asian man, I feel a bit like Dawn every time I go to a gay bar. Gay bars are basically places where status is so important. ‘being invisible and I thought that was such an interesting story to tell, “he adds.

Tony Ayres then reveals that Ed was supposed to appear earlier in the series to give some clues, but the coronavirus came to change his plans: “Ed has always been a byproduct of Dawn’s story, so I haven’t felt the need to see it sooner, but there were plans to try and include it earlier in another scene. It eventually became impossible due to COVID (…) We had to be reactive to imagine how did that happen.” Good game !


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